MEREDITH Strategy + Design

We design the places and spaces where people come together to do great work

The elevator speech –

Between a business and its customers is a portfolio of property.  Aligned and designed in the right way, it is the source of performance and profit.

But in a constrained economy, place and space move from assets to liabilities. Misalignments cause loss of position and opportunity.

MEREDITH STRATEGY & DESIGN LLC reconciles the lexicon of place-based engagements between business intention and customer satisfaction. Businesses articulate strategy designs effectively. Responding design strategies deliver measurably.

Used in transformation  initiatives for companies, non-profits, institutions, and communities, the approach is increasingly attractive to those positioning now for sustainable competitive leadership.

More on what we do –

We are deeply interested in activating the power of the "white space"--the places and spaces between intention and interaction.

Our intention is to uncover and make extraordinary connections that enhance the value of investments in architecture, workplace, people and brand.

We work by designing and developing collaborative creative engagements generating targeted solutions to the specific issues, contexts and values of my client organizations.

Our principle domain of practice is the world of work, either independently or in its influences on and from lifestyle and community.

In our work we focus on--

  • Organizational design and the architecture that supports it

  • Interaction and the power of engagement

  • Place-based innovation strategies

  • The environmental articulation of the value of a brand

  • The design of compelling experiences

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