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Delicious to me

I've used Delicious for quite a while, to bookmark things of interest to me and to capture things of interest that I find in my network there. What I find typically shows up in my sidebar over there on the right. I've also begun to use Evernote a lot more, and these bookmarks do not necessarily get duplicated in Delicious. Among some of the things that caught our attention last week and that may influence our thinking this week are these –

The resonating influence of shipping containers – I recently came across a blog that I'm giving some slow attention to, Ribbonfarm. In a post I found recently was this very fascinating review and commentary on the epic story of container shipping. In one of those great concurrences, it appeared on the same day as this review of container architecture, the hamburger of architecture
Where ideas come from – There was a pretty fascinating article in the HBR site, the Power of Proposition Innovation, about the rejuvenation of a company in Italy. This company, in a small town surrounded by the mountains, with little exposure to the needs and desires of an outside world and a sophisticated market, reinvented itself through great workplace strategy "It has designed a workplace that encourages people to exchange ideas. Every function, including manufacturing, surrounds a large square, which resembles the Greek agora or the Roman forum, where people can gather, chat, and share"
Structures supporting great acts– Concert stages are powerful pieces of temporary architecture, yet they seem to get little notice beyond the acts and shows that use them. This was a nice video interview with the designers of stages who not only support the acts but also the environment between the acts.
Other containers –These guys always do such a great job in their roundup issues. This is one on libraries. (Tangentially related, this article by Frank Rich on the tragedy of Obama has a great scene at the New York Public Library with Mayor Bloomberg.)
Breakthrough ideas and healthy insecurityThis was a nice record of a conversation with the author of a book on the sources of breakthrough ideas, Peter Sims, author of Little Bets: How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries. A number of nice observations like this one – "When Gehry begins a new project, he’s extremely afraid that he's not going to know what to do, and he'll procrastinate, make phone calls, run errands that are useless – and he calls it healthy insecurity."
Making systems thinking sexy – John Thackera is now writing over at Design Observer, and doing a great job of reflecting on some of the great challenges of our time. this was a very good reminder of the power and potential in systems thinking. "We will not transition successfully to a restorative economy until systems thinking becomes as natural, for millions of people, as riding a bike. That's a big ask. How do we get from here, to there? "